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  • Real Property Reports (RPRs) FAQ's Calgary and Alberta | Global Raymac Surveys

    Get a Real Property Real Property Report for Lloydminster and Area Including Cold Lake, the Municipal District of Bonnyville, and Lakeland County.​ Contact Information RPR Municipal Address (site to be surveyed) RPR Information Legal Land Description Certificate of Land Title Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Form received! We will contact you shortly. Submit Have questions still? Visit our Real Property Report (RPR) FAQ's RPR FAQ's Get an RPR with Global Raymac call our office at 1 (855) 283 - 5455, send an email to or request a quote online. ​ Get a quote

  • Development Permits | Global Raymac Surveys

    To order a development permit call 1 (855) 283–5455 (Toll-Free) or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly. Development Permit Development permits are needed if you are planning any renovation or construction on your property. A development permit survey satisfies the requirements of the local municipalities and can give vital information to your architect, designer, or landscaper. Our development surveys are known for their accuracy and readability. Request a Development Permit Quote ​ Contact Information We will contact you shortly Submit

  • Health, Safety & Environment | Global Raymac Surveys

    Health, Safety & the Environment ​ Creating a safe environment for our people has always been a top priority. Our approach to achieving this is to educate our employees through our industry-leading HS&E program and by requiring our staff, contractors, and subcontractors to be leaders in safety onsite to proactively manage risk and at-risk behaviors. All occupational injury, illness, and property damage is preventable through proactive management and we are striving towards a no-incident workplace. Our HS&E Certifications COR Certified – Since 2006 with 98%+ in all C.O.R. audits. ISN – Online Contractor Management Database (Member Vendor) Comply Works – Compliance Management Solutions PICS – Contractor Safety and Supplier Management PIR – Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program (Registered Member Since July 2007) IRP 16 – Industry Recommended Practice (Basic Safety Awareness Training) ​ If you require further information or clarification for any matters regarding Health, Safety, and Environment with Global Raymac, please contact: ​ Tim Woodland, Senior Manager of HSE Global Raymac has adopted innovative health, safety, and environment program in which we’ve continually maintained operational excellence.

  • Real Property Reports | Global Raymac Surveys | RPR Calgary & Alberta

    Order a Real Property Report (RPR) with industry-leading turnaround times by calling 1 (855) 283–5455 or by selecting your area and filling out the quote form. Choose your location arrow&v Real Property Reports (RPR's) If you’re buying or selling a property or making improvements, chances are you’ll need a Real Property Report (RPR). Global Raymac has been performing RPR’s for over 30 years and provides an efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality service from start to finish. We offer one of the fastest turnaround times for RPR’s in Alberta and deliver an industry-leading final product. We use the latest technology and our team's extensive knowledge to provide insight and recommendations that will not only help you but also save you money. What is a Real Property Report? An RPR is a legal document created by a registered Alberta Land Surveyor that is a visual representation of the property and illustrates the location of all permanent structures relative to the property line boundaries. Why do you need a Real Property Report? RPR’s are required for any form of real estate transaction, like selling a house or requiring a mortgage, or when adding or renovating your property with permanent structures. There are risks of legal complications if a property is sold without abiding the land-use bylaws and an RPR gives assurance that protects buyers and sellers from inheriting a costly problem. When will you need a new or updated Real Property Report? Once any significant changes or improvements have been made, a new RPR will be required. Depending on when it was completed, the RPR may have to recertified. ​ Fill out our Real Property Report form or give us a call and we will get you a quote in less than 24 hours. Our current turnaround time is 10 business days (weather permitted). 5-day rush and 3-day rush orders can be purchased. We are professionally affiliated with the Alberta Land Surveyors Association and have received the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau for 15 years of Ethical Enterprise as a long-standing accredited business. Areas we serve: ​ Get an RPR Calgary Including Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, Rocky View County, and MD of Foothills. Get an RPR Grande Prairie Including Clairmont, Wembley, Spirit River, Fairview, and Fox Creek. Get an RPR Medicine Hat Including ​​Redcliff, Dunmore, Desert Blume, Irvine, and Bow Island. Get an RPR Lloydminster Including Cold Lake, the Municipal District of Bonnyville, and Lakeland County.​ Get an RPR Edmonton Including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Beaumont Get an RPR in Other Areas Sample RPR from Global Raymac Have questions still? Visit our Real Property Report (RPR) FAQ's RPR FAQ's

  • Telecommunications Surveys | Global Raymac Surveys

    Telecommunications Contact Us Our team has worked with some of the largest telecommunication companies in Western Canada and has been a preferred partner on multiple high-profile projects. We offer the skills, tools, and technology to assist you with any of your telecommunication needs. Global Raymac understands the challenges in the telecommunications industry and provides tailored surveying and mapping solutions for our clients that meet even the most challenging requirements. ​ Services: Utility locating services Telecommunication right of way and easement surveys Pole/structure analysis – 3D laser scanning/mobile LiDAR Asset management Tower layout Contact our construction team for your next telecommunication project.

  • Mobile 3D Scanning | Global Raymac Surveys

    3D Mobile Mapping Contact Us Global Raymac's mobile mapping uses LiDAR technology to create highly detailed and accurate 3D representations of terrain and infrastructure projects in a single survey pass. Mobile 3D scanning and mapping is quickly becoming one of the most important geospatial technologies available and will revolutionize the way large projects are surveyed. 360° imagery with multi-camera setup 110 km/hour collect at highway speeds 2.4 million points per second Accuracy survey-grade Global Raymac is proud to utilize the first Trimble MX9 in Canada. The MX9 is an advanced mobile mapping solution that delivers high-quality 3D LiDAR point cloud data when mapping large and inaccessible areas in a fraction of the time. Applications Our mobile mapping solution allows us to quickly and efficiently generate deliverables such as: Road and rail assets Elevation models Volumetric analyses 3D city ‘Smart models’ As-Built surveys Cross-sections Road condition reports Progress reports Transmission and distribution condition assessment Pavement condition assessment Technology Benefits • In comparison to traditional surveying, the MX9 can do a week’s worth of surveys in a single day. • Rich corridor data can be collected at highway speeds , significantly improving data collection on busy roadways and avoiding costly lane closures. • Safe working conditions inside a vehicle versus surveyors being exposed to risky traffic with dangerous drivers. • No return visit s to the site as everything is collected all at once. Our industry-leading LiDAR mapping technology is characterized by its ability to capture dense point cloud data along with 360° immersive imagery that is georeferenced using an industry-leading spherical camera, GNSS/IMU technology, and dual-head laser scanning sensors. ​ • Multi-camera setup for 360° imagery plus 2 adjustable oblique cameras, and a downward-facing pavement camera • Output can be pushed to any format (cloud-based, AutoCAD, MicroStation, etc.) • High point cloud density with complementary immersive imagery captures dense point clouds and images —both panoramic and multi-angle. The result is data of unrivaled accuracy, density, and repeatability. Sample Data MX9 sample data - A coloured walkthrough MX9 sample data - A coloured by intensity walkthrough Our mobile mapping team can assist you with your project anywhere in North America. Contact us for a solution Contact Us

  • Surveying Services | Global Raymac Surveys

    Surveying Services Contact Us Global Raymac provides geomatics and land surveying services to all major industries within Western Canada. Our team can expertly handle any type of project and we have experience on all sizes of projects from Real Property Reports (RPR's) and small commercial construction to large transportation corridors and pipeline construction that spans hundreds of kilometers. From extensive mapping services to applying the latest in advanced surveying technology, Global Raymac's team will create a customized approach and solution to your project with industry-leading turnaround times and unrivaled data quality. Global Raymac has a large geographic footprint with 8 office locations across Western Canada and 54 field crews to serve your needs. Telecom 1/1 View Geospatial Services Contact our team of professionals for your next project. Contact Us

  • Mining Surveys | Global Raymac Surveys

    Mining Contact Us Global Raymac is the preferred industry partner for mining projects in Western Canada. We offer mapping and surveying services throughout the project lifecycle including exploration, construction, production, operation, and reclamation. Global Raymac offers a variety of geomatics solutions for underground and surface mines including: ​ Terrestrial and airborne LiDAR Aerial mapping and orthophoto Satellite imagery Drill collar surveys Mineral tenure review and mining lease surveys Legal surveys 3D tunnel surveys Engineering surveys Construction surveys Mill and conveyor layout Dam deformations surveys UAV (drone) surveys Above and underground high precision control surveys Gyroscopic surveys Bathymetric surveys Earthworks volumes for quantity payments Road reconnaissance surveys GIS and asset management services Regional geochemical sediment surveys Blast pattern layout Quality assurance/quality control surveys Powerline and substation layout Contact our professionals help with your next mining project. Contact Us

  • Municipal & Land Development Surveys | Global Raymac

    Municipal & Land Development Contact Us Global Raymac’s land development and municipal surveying services offer our clients decades of experience, industry-leading accuracy, and deep knowledge of municipal regulations and provincial legislation. Our team utilizes the latest technology which allows us to work efficiently and accurately, saving time and money. The result is legal surveys you can count on, as well as color illustrations for site plans that are easy to read and understand Whether it is a commercial industrial development, condo high-rise, a single-family dwelling, or a townsite, Global Raymac has the expertise to complete residential and commercial survey projects with quick turnaround times. We specialize in strata, subdivisions, condominiums, development permits, and real property reports. ​ Strata Plans Global Raymac's team is experts in completing these unique survey plans which are commonly used for mixed-use locations such as commercial space with residential condominiums. We have also prepared strata right of way plans within buildings for utilities and access. These surveys require special care and attention due to their nature and GRS will work closely with the developer and governing bodies to ensure all parties’ interests are protected. ​ Services include: ​ Strata subdivision Strata right of way Condo Plans If you are building a new condominium or converting an existing building, or even developing a bare land condominium, we can prepare your required plan. We also specialize in the preparation of the application for approval as well as the necessary documents required for condominium registration at Land Titles.​ Services include: ​ Bare land condominiums Conventional (building) condominiums Condominium conversions Condominium plan amendments Right of ways Subdivision We provide all the necessary survey services to assist you with your subdivision needs. This includes everything from preparing a proposed plan of subdivision to preparing the application for municipal approval and registration at Land Titles. We also specialize in preparing and managing Land Use Amendment applications. ​ Services include: ​ Land use amendments Natural boundary survey Consolidation plans Right of ways Subdivision surveys ​ Residential Construction Construction surveys have been a major component of Global Raymac Surveys services for decades. We have extensive expertise in residential and commercial construction layout. ​ Services include: ​ Gridline and building layout Multi-floor high precision layout of grid lines and elevator cores Topographic site plans As-built and utility locate surveys 3d laser scanning Building location certificates Curb and gutter and utility layout Pavement grade layout Right of ways Our municipal & land development services are backed by 40 years of experience. Contact Us

  • Real Property Reports (RPRs) FAQ's Calgary and Alberta | Global Raymac Surveys

    Get a Real Property Real Property Report for Other Areas Including Clairmont, Wembley, Spirit River, Fairview, and Fox Creek. Have questions still? Visit our Real Property Report (RPR) FAQ's RPR FAQ's Get an RPR with Global Raymac call our office at 1 (855) 283 - 5455, send an email to or request a quote online. ​ Get a quote