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Global Raymac’s industry leading aerial LiDAR platform achieves accurate ground data through vegetation and will capture overhead lines such as power & distribution infrastructure.

LiDAR is the standard for high-level data capture such as Federal and Provincial infrastructure projects, and Global Raymac has you covered.

Advantage use cases:

  • Topographic surveys through medium to dense vegetation

  • Powerline & infrastructure survey

  • Slope monitoring

  • Riverbank erosion monitoring

Our heavy-lift UAV equipped with our compact LiDAR bundle delivers impressive data sets capturing LiDAR & Orthomosaic data simultaneously.


  • Extreme surface coverage (Up to 250 pts/m2)

  • Vegetation Penetration (25pts/m2)

  • 3cm vertical accuracy

  • <5cm Orthomosaic Maps

  • Rapid data collection (10 m/s)

  • Reduced costs compared to manned systems

Contact our UAV LiDAR specialists.

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