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Agriculture Drone


Km  of area surveyed



flights since 2018


# of Global Raymac drones 

2 million+

images processed


Global Raymac’s UAV services reduce data collection time, increases measurement density, and can collect data even in rough and inaccessible terrains.

Global Raymac has 30 Transport Canada certified UAV pilots who have conducted thousands of missions.  We continually refresh, maintain, and add to our new drone hardware which is rigorously investigated, tested, and integrated into our operational fleet. Our fleet of UAVs has the capability to mount a multitude of different sensors to capture the correct data required. We utilize quadcopter, fixed-wing, and tailsetter UAVs to meet the unique needs of your project and our specialists deliver leading data with fast turnaround times and unparalleled image quality.


Whatever stage your project is in, whether it’s planning, development or maintenance, UAV for surveying and mapping ensures accurate data collection and compliments other geospatial and survey data for complex projects.


Use our UAV services for:


  • Composite mapping and orthophotography

  • Volume cut & fill calculations

  • DEM conversions thematic

  • Road and access maps

  • Wellsite and pipeline location surveys

  • Commercial, residential & industrial as-builts

  • Construction progress monitoring

  • Earthwork volumetric calculations & monitoring

  • Aerial photography & imaging

  • Conservation easement monitoring

Use our expertise on your next flight.

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