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3D Laser Scanning

Global Raymac’s 3D laser scanning captures highly detailed data at 1 million points/second to produce realistic point clouds of structures and facilities of unrivaled quality.

3D laser scanning is a highly accurate and incredibly fast non-contact measurement system. Global Raymac owns and deploys an above industry-standard scanner capable of gathering one million survey points per second, faster than any competing hardware system in the industry. This system allows us to capture extremely large amounts of highly detailed data quickly and accurately in the field.


The system can be mounted on either a tripod or on a 4x4 vehicle, collecting the required information in a stop and go fashion. The collected data is processed in the office using rigorous least squares adjustment techniques which register the scans together and deliver them either as "point cloud data" or as a value-added model to client engineers and stakeholders. This information can then be easily integrated with existing software packages and used as a powerful brownfield design aid and asset tracking tool. Additionally, the point cloud can be leveraged to generate traditional deliverables such as site plans, volume calculations, and as-built drawings.


3D scanning is the perfect solution for many applications. Use our services for:


  • Industrial as-builts

  • Asset management

  • Construction verification

  • Structural monitoring

  • Site & topographic surveys

  • Underground mapping

  • Remote measurements

  • Volume calculations

  • Deformation monitoring

  • Architectural surveys

3D Scanning is a Risk Mitigation Tool

• Eliminates incomplete or incorrect as-built documentation.
• Promotes modular design and fabrication.
• Accurate design drawings and facilitate integration among various EPC's improving
• Eliminates onsite field fit solutions associated with inaccurate dimensioning.

Let our 3D laser scanning experts assist you with your next project

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