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Global Raymac’s engineering team provides services for municipal developments, water resource management, and construction. Our team can provide a full range of services from design and planning all the way through to project completion.


Municipal Engineering

Whether a municipality or private development, our team is committed to assisting our clients in making improvements to their existing infrastructure or constructing new facilities.  Global Rayamac's engineering team can provide a full range of services including:

  • Land Development/Subdivision Design

  • Municipal Infrastructure Planning, Engineering & Design (Transportation, Sanitary, Water & Storm Systems)

  • Road Rehabilitation & Reconstruction & Upgrades

  • Urban & Rural Roadway Design

  • Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA)

  • Sanitary/Water/Storm System Assessment & Rehabilitation

  • Storm/Sanitary/Water System Modelling & Design

  • Lot Grading Plans

  • Storm Water Management Plans (SWMP)

  • Site Servicing Plans

  • Construction Management & Contract Administration

  • Earthwork/Grading Design Plans

  • Permitting & Approvals Applications


Water Resources

As flooding becomes more prominent in developed areas, watershed assessments and analyses and stormwater management plans are becoming essential and are vital to creating sustainable development. At Global Raymac we are able to provide a wide range of water-related services:

  • Hydrological Analysis

  • Watershed Assessments

  • Storm Water Management Plans (SWMP)

  • Flood Assessments/No-build Zones

  • Wetland Approvals

Road Constuction

Construction Services

We are able to take our clients from design & planning right through to construction.  Global Raymac is able to provide a range of services from cost estimates & tender preparation to construction survey & post-construction services.

  • Construction Management, Contract Administration & Specification Preparation

  • Cost Estimate Preparation

  • Earthwork/Grading Design Plans

  • Volume Analysis & Tracking

  • Machine Control Data & Implementation

  • QA/QC Inspections & Supervision

  • Construction Layout & Survey

  • Grading & Volume Surveys

  • Post Construction Inspections & Documentation

Contact our specialists for your next engineering project.

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