Drone flying over construction site collecting survey data


Global Raymac’s construction survey team brings over 12 years of experience and has the knowledge and technology to offer innovative, time and cost-saving survey solutions for everything from small commercial sites to large infrastructure and industrial projects.

We offer a full range of services for every stage of the construction project and can effectively help our clients manage the entire construction lifecycle.


Our construction survey team leverages state-of-the-art technology, from top of the line instruments to advanced geospatial solutions like mobile mapping and 3D scanning. Our partnership and project planning allow us to assess your project's needs to determine the best solution.


Global Raymac’s professionals support projects in the oil and gas, renewables, transportation, telecommunications, pipeline, and mining industries.


Services include:


  • Civil infrastructure projects

  • Topographic site surveys

  • Earthworks and quantity surveys

  • Machine automation services

  • Construction surveys

  • 3D laser scanning

  • Mobile mapping

  • RPAS mapping

Our construction team utilizes technology and innovation to create customized solutions.

Head Office

Global Raymac Surveys Inc.

Suite 312, 4000 4th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2W3

 1 (855) 283–5455 (Toll Free)