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Underground fiber optic cable location


Global Raymac can help you with your next utility project including fiber-optic, power, water, sewage, and natural gas lines. Our team will generate industry-leading field surveys and plans with precision accuracy, including structure and line staking, right of way surveys, site surveys, and comprehensive as-built surveys.



  • Topographic

  • Structural staking (gridlines, piles, anchor bolts, bridges)

  • Deformation monitoring

  • Civil surface works (site grading, concrete for structures, curbs, and flatwork)

  • Earthwork quantity tracking and verification

  • Terrestrial laser scanning (floor and wall flatness, feature location verification, site progress)

  • High precision surveys and control networks

  • As-constructed reporting

  • UAV (quantities, site progress reporting, asset management, aerial site imagery)

  • Quality control/quality assurance

  • Construction layout and as-built pipes

  • Tunnel control and alignment surveys

Contact our utility surveying and mapping experts.

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