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Pipeline Integrity & Line Locates

Global Raymac’s pipeline integrity team has a proven track record of supporting our clients with their Integrity Management programs. We have a thorough understanding of all regulatory requirements, and continuously pursue new technologies to help our clients keep their pipelines operating safely. 

Our comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements along with experience in designing and constructing pipelines allows our team the ability to present our clients with the most advantageous solutions to ensure efficiency and quality in our services. 

We know that this industry is fast-paced, with little room for error, which is why we ensure our workflows expedite our products and our services safeguard the public. 



•    Drone (UAV) data, photo, and video acquisition 
•    Access maps
•    Dig site surveys
•    AGM surveys
•    Four-way sweeps
•    Depth of cover surveys
•    Hydrographic/bathymetric surveys
•    IMU & survey data correlation
•    Launcher/receiver surveys
•    Meter site expansions
•    GIS asset management
•    As-built Laser Scanning and 3D modeling

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