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Municipal & Land Development

Global Raymac’s land development and municipal surveying services offer our clients decades of experience, industry-leading accuracy, and deep knowledge of municipal regulations and provincial legislation. Our team utilizes the latest technology which allows us to work efficiently and accurately, saving time and money. The result is legal surveys you can count on, as well as color illustrations for site plans that are easy to read and understand


Whether it is a commercial industrial development, condo high-rise, a single-family dwelling, or a townsite, Global Raymac has the expertise to complete residential and commercial survey projects with quick turnaround times. We specialize in strata, subdivisions, condominiums, development permits, and real property reports.

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Strata Plans

Global Raymac's team is experts in completing these unique survey plans which are commonly used for mixed-use locations such as commercial space with residential condominiums. We have also prepared strata right of way plans within buildings for utilities and access.  These surveys require special care and attention due to their nature and GRS will work closely with the developer and governing bodies to ensure all parties’ interests are protected.

Services include:

  • Strata subdivision

  • Strata right of way

Apartment Building

Condo Plans

If you are building a new condominium or converting an existing building, or even developing a bare land condominium, we can prepare your required plan.  We also specialize in the preparation of the application for approval as well as the necessary documents required for condominium registration at Land Titles.​


Services include:

  • Bare land condominiums           

  • Conventional (building) condominiums

  • Condominium conversions

  • Condominium plan amendments

  • Right of ways



We provide all the necessary survey services to assist you with your subdivision needs. This includes everything from preparing a proposed plan of subdivision to preparing the application for municipal approval and registration at Land Titles. We also specialize in preparing and managing Land Use Amendment applications. 

Services include:

  • Land use amendments

  • Natural boundary survey

  • Consolidation plans

  • Right of ways

  • Subdivision surveys

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Residential Construction

Construction surveys have been a major component of Global Raymac Surveys services for decades. We have extensive expertise in residential and commercial construction layout.

Services include:

  • Gridline and building layout

  • Multi-floor high precision layout of grid lines and elevator cores

  • Topographic site plans

  • As-built and utility locate surveys

  • 3d laser scanning

  • Building location certificates

  • Curb and gutter and utility layout

  • Pavement grade layout

  • Right of ways

Our municipal & land development services are backed by 40 years of experience.

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