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Global Raymac is the preferred industry partner for mining projects in Western Canada. We offer mapping and surveying services throughout the project lifecycle including exploration, construction, production, operation, and reclamation.

Global Raymac offers a variety of geomatics solutions for underground and surface mines including:

  • Terrestrial and airborne LiDAR

  • Aerial mapping and orthophoto

  • Satellite imagery

  • Drill collar surveys

  • Mineral tenure review and mining lease surveys

  • Legal surveys

  • 3D tunnel surveys

  • Engineering surveys

  • Construction surveys

  • Mill and conveyor layout

  • Dam deformations surveys

  • UAV (drone) surveys

  • Above and underground high precision control surveys

  • Gyroscopic surveys

  • Bathymetric surveys

  • Earthworks volumes for quantity payments

  • Road reconnaissance surveys

  • GIS and asset management services

  • Regional geochemical sediment surveys

  • Blast pattern layout

  • Quality assurance/quality control surveys

  • Powerline and substation layout

Contact our professionals help with your next mining project.

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