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3D Mobile Mapping

Global Raymac's mobile mapping uses LiDAR technology to create highly detailed and accurate 3D representations of terrain and infrastructure projects in a single survey pass. Mobile 3D scanning and mapping is quickly becoming one of the most important geospatial technologies available and will revolutionize the way large projects are surveyed.


imagery with multi-camera setup

110 km/hour

collect at highway speeds

2.4 million

points per second



Global Raymac is proud to utilize the first Trimble MX9 in Canada. The MX9 is an advanced mobile mapping solution that delivers high-quality 3D LiDAR point cloud data when mapping large and inaccessible areas in a fraction of the time.


Our mobile mapping solution allows us to quickly and efficiently generate deliverables such as:


  • Road and rail assets

  • Elevation models

  • Volumetric analyses

  • 3D city ‘Smart models’

  • As-Built surveys

  • Cross-sections

  • Road condition reports

  • Progress reports

  • Transmission and distribution condition assessment

  • Pavement condition assessment


GRS MX9.jpg



• In comparison to traditional surveying, the MX9 can do a week’s worth of surveys in a single day.

• Rich corridor data can be collected at highway speeds, significantly improving data collection on busy roadways and avoiding costly lane closures.

Safe working conditions inside a vehicle versus surveyors being exposed to risky traffic with dangerous drivers.

No return visits to the site as everything is collected all at once.

Our industry-leading LiDAR mapping technology is characterized by its ability to capture dense point cloud data along with 360° immersive imagery that is georeferenced using an industry-leading spherical camera, GNSS/IMU technology, and dual-head laser scanning sensors. 

• Multi-camera setup for 360° imagery plus 2 adjustable oblique cameras, and a downward-facing pavement camera

• Output can be pushed to any format (cloud-based, AutoCAD, MicroStation, etc.)

• High point cloud density with complementary immersive imagery captures dense point clouds and images—both panoramic and multi-angle.


The result is data of unrivaled accuracy, density, and repeatability.

Sample Data

MX9 sample data - A coloured walkthrough

MX9 sample data - A coloured by intensity walkthrough

Our mobile mapping team can assist you with your project anywhere in North America. Contact us for a solution

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