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Bathymetric & Hydrographic

Global Raymac offers precision and state-of-the-art bathymetric and hydrographic survey services to clients across Western Canada. Our team of highly-skilled, experienced professionals and specialized technicians bring over 15 years of hydrographic mapping expertise to projects requiring specific aquatic environment and watercourse solutions.

Global Raymac's hydrography team has experience and knowledge in almost every type of aquatic/water environment and has, as a result, developed workflows and in-depth safe work procedures that enable us to maximize the capture of the high-quality data required for hydrological and engineering assessments while ensuring our people, our clients, and the environment are protected.




  • Bathymetric mapping

  • Volume surveys

  • Scour investigations/mapping

  • Pond liner integrity surveys

  • Depth of cover surveys

  • In-stream construction as-builts

  • Target search surveys

  • Sedimentation accumulation surveys

Our specialized equipment includes a range of single-frequency and dual-frequency echosounders paired with high precision GPS or robotic total stations. This allows our hydrography experts to tailor the approach based on deliverables, desired use of the data, and safety protocols, regardless of the environment. This ensures our clients receive the best results for their specific requirements.

Utilizing remotely controlled (RC) and autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) allows for rapid deployment, minimal mobilization time, and a full heli-portable system. Providing access to our clients' most remote sites as efficiently and safely as any other site.

Let our 20 years of water experience guide your next project.

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