Municipal Services


Our municipal division now employs more than 40 people, including 4 Alberta Land Surveyors, 1 Canada Land Surveyor and a Professional Engineer. Our field crews utilize the latest RTK GPS technology (real time kinematic global positioning systems) allowing them to work quickly, efficiently and accurately. This is combined with the latest CAD software which allows us to create full colour illustrations that are easy to read and understand.


Municipal Services Brochure

Municipal Services Include:


  • Real Property Reports
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Development Permit Surveys
  • Condominium Services
  • Strata Surveys
  • Residential Construction Surveys



Real Property Reports

The Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document representing your property boundaries, buildings, and other relevant information such as decks, retaining walls and fences. The RPR is a map of your property which you can use for future developments, landscaping, as well as identifying any encroachments. The RPR has been an important component of the Real Estate transaction since 1987. It is now a requirement of the listing contract in all MLS sales and will ensure that the property you are buying adheres to the local land use by-laws. GRS can additionally offer compliance stamp and relaxation application services upon request.

Global Raymac Surveys has been performing surveys for RPR’s for over 25 years. We produce an accurate complete product for a competitive price with general turnaround times in 10 business days or less. Averaging 50+ RPR’s a week, GRS is highly experienced and committed to helping you complete this necessary service. Our quality, experience, and price make us a leader in the field of Real Property Reports.

Real Property Reports can now be ordered within minutes using our online order form

To find out more, visit our FAQ on Real Property Reports or contact our office

Subdivision Surveys


We provide all the necessary survey services to assist you with your subdivision needs. This includes everything from preparing a proposed plan of subdivision to preparing the application for community planning approval. We will also arrange and obtain a Transformation Certificate by preparing the new boundary survey plan and registering the plan with Information Services Corporation.

Development Permit Surveys

If you are planning a renovation or any construction on your property, you may require a development permit and building permit from the city, town or municipality where you live. The DP survey provides highly accurate details of your existing property for design purposes. We can prepare a development permit survey which satisfies the requirements of the Municipality, and provides your Architect, Designer, Landscaper, or any other relevant party with precise information on which to base the design of your development.

Development Permit Surveys can now be ordered within minutes using our online order form

Condominium Services

If you are building a new condominium or converting an existing building, we can prepare the application and submit it to the municipality. We also specialize in the preparation of the condominium plan and the necessary documents required for condominium registration.

Strata Surveys

Global Raymac has expertise in completing these unique survey plans which are commonly used for mixed use locations such as commercial space with residential condominiums. These surveys require special care and attention due to their particular nature and GRS will work closely with the developer and governing bodies to ensure all parties’ interests are protected.

Residential Construction

Construction surveys have been a major component of Global Raymac Surveys services for decades. We have extensive expertise in residential and commercial construction layout.


  • Excavation Stakeout




  • Footing / Pinning




  • Grade Staking & Certificates




  • Property Line Stakeout




  • Control Surveys




  • Pipe and Grid Lines




  • Volume Surveys





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