Health, Safety & the Environment

Creating a safe environment for our people has always been a top priority. Our approach to achieving this is to educate our employees through our industry-leading HS&E program and by requiring our staff, contractors, and subcontractors to be leaders in safety onsite to proactively manage risk and at-risk behaviors. All occupational injury, illness, and property damage is preventable through proactive management and we are striving towards a no-incident workplace.


Our HS&E Certifications


COR Certified – Since 2006 with 98%+ in all C.O.R. audits.

ISN – Online Contractor Management Database (Member Vendor)

Comply Works – Compliance Management Solutions

PICS – Contractor Safety and Supplier Management

PIR – Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program (Registered Member Since July 2007)

IRP 16 – Industry Recommended Practice (Basic Safety Awareness Training)

If you require further information or clarification for any matters regarding Health, Safety, and Environment with Global Raymac, please contact:

Tim Woodland, Senior Manager of HSE

Global Raymac has adopted innovative health, safety, and environment program in which we’ve continually maintained operational excellence.

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