Pipeline & Integrity Services

At Global Raymac we understand the challenges and risks our clients are facing in today’s economic and political climate, whether its navigating regulatory requirements and constraints or constructing major pipelines, we have been involved in every aspect of Oil & Gas, Construction, Pipeline and Integrity projects and can help provide solutions that mitigate the risks and ensure projects are executed smoothly and efficiently.

Our approach, through collaboration with clients and industry stakeholders, is a project delivery model that specifically addresses the concerns and risks of these projects while providing the advantages of a highly efficient, consistent process for delivering on project requirements—every time.

We know our clients are concerned with project controls and ensuring tight management of scope of work at every phase of a project, small or large. Our clients want to know where efficiencies can be gained to help control costs without sacrificing quality. We also recognize that the priority is to ensure that safety is never compromised in the efforts to reduce costs and streamline processes.




  • LiDAR & Aerial Imagery
  • GIS Web Mapping & Route Planning
  • Regulatory & Consultation Mapping
  • Land Acquisition Plans
  • Borehole & Ground Disturbance Surveys
  • Engineering & Typical Crossing Surveys
  • Topographic As-Built Surveys
  • Hydrographic & Bathymetric Surveys
  • Legal Surveys
  • Construction Plans
  • Alignment Sheets



  • Staking & Flagging
  • Line Locating & Sweeps
  • Pipe Tally (bar code capable)
  • Weld Mapping
  • Hydrostatic Testing Support
  • As-Built Alignment Sheets
  • Facility Construction Support & As-Builts
  • GIS Web Mapping
  • Geospatial Data Conversion



  • UAV’s & Laser Scanning
  • 3D Modelling
  • Access Maps
  • Dig Site Surveys
  • AGM Surveys
  • Buried Facility Sweeps
  • Depth of Cover Surveys
  • River Crossings
  • IMU & Survey Data Correlation
  • Launch/Receiver Surveys
  • Meter Site Expansions




We know from experience that spending a little more time on planning at the start of any project saves our clients time and money throughout the life-cycle of their projects.

Our approach to pre-planning includes:

  • Substantial client collabora¬tion and communication including a joint project kick-off meeting where applicable.
  • Utilizing data in the office to plan where possible ie: routing or to identify stakeholders; reducing field time and the associated costs of mobilizing crews to the field.
  • Providing our clients with 3D visualization of their project areas to identify risks up-front and understand critical project information.
  • Our secure GIS Web Map provides clients access to their critical information wherever and whenever it is needed; always up to date, always available.


Beyond the savings that efficiencies in the production of deliverables can provide, we know that solid project management methods also create opportunities to reduce costs and save time. Global Raymac takes a formalized approach to projects including:

  • Controls on every project—our Project Controls team uses Earned Value Management techniques to provide clients with complete visibility into planned activities, current costs performance and overall project progress.
  • Project Management Training for our PM’s, not just in Project Management principles but also providing opportunities to improve communication and stakeholder management skills.


We ensure that our efforts to be as cost effective and efficient as possible do not compromise in any way the quality of our services and products. We understand that some of the biggest risks to any project lie in the costs associated with poor quality, and re-work. We believe in standardization of workflow and processes, not just because it supports efficiencies in deliv¬ery of products, but because it allows us to increase the level of automation in our workflow providing opportunities to build QA/QC right into those process¬es as the work is being done. This allows us to see issues, before work is completed. This has greatly reduced the risk of non– conformances.

We understand the importance of mitigating risks for our clients which is why we not only follow all statues, regulations, by-laws and practice guidelines for Professional Land Surveyors; we also ensure that our rigorous Quality Control processes are followed on every project.\


Above all else, safety is the priority on every project. There is no room for error when it comes to protecting our employees, our clients and the public from harm. We take our responsibilities around safety seriously, ensuring we perform our work efficiently and effectively, while adhering to formalized safety procedures.

  • Global Raymac is proud to have achieved a 98% score in our most recent COR audit.
  • We begin every major project with a site-specific safety work plan to ensure our crews are aware of potential risks, and are equipped with the required training before any work begins.
  • Leverage our remote operated vehicles during most watercourse crossing surveys ensuring field crew safety.
  • We certify crews in swift water rescue where the potential to enter water is required.

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