Municipal Projects

Melcor Developments Ltd. – Kings Heights Subdivision in Airdrie, Alberta


Stage 1 phased development area encompasses approximately 208 ha (514 ac.) and will be developed in approximately 22 phases. Overall development included industrial, single-family residential and multi-family residential uses. Global Raymac Surveys (GRS) has been engaged by Melcor since 2010 to provide legal survey services for this ongoing development.

Rockford Developments – Wildstone Townhouse Condominiums in NW Calgary

213 Home Bare Land Condominium Development in the community of Panorama Hills in Calgary. Our company has been a key provider of both Construction and Condo Survey services for the entirety of this project.

Municipal Survey – Grande Prairie, Alberta


Global Raymac HIW Surveys Ltd. completed the area structure plan, design and survey of an urban subdivision development covering approximately 500 acres in the City of Grande Prairie. This contract included the processing of all documentation for planning approval and eventual registration at Land Titles of all plans, easements, and related materials. Over a four year period we located and set design grades for the majority of the buildings in their development.

Qualex Landmark – Luna Tower

Global Raymac Surveys was proud to supply and implement Construction Survey & Condo Survey services through the completion of this project.

International – Peru

In cooperation with the Canadian International Development Agency and the Government of Peru, Global Raymac HIW Surveys developed a rural land information program at the parcel level. This required the compilation of previously unidentified parcels over an area of approximately 20,000 hectares in the high jungle area of Peru.

Global Raymac HIW Surveys’ role was to compile the parcels from existing orthophotos, as identified by local technicians, merge them into four sets of uncoordinated maps, link them to a data base compiled from field questionnaires and prepare documentation suitable for adjudication purposes so that the occupants could apply for titles. We collected data on approximately 1500 properties within the City and demonstrated how a proper index system would positively impact municipal revenues.

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