Energy Projects

Talisman Energy Inc.


GRSI has been the principal provider of Survey Services to Talisman in the Hinton/Edson/Fox Creek area since 2001. We have completed over 1000 conventional well site and pad site locations and hundreds of kilometers of pipeline infrastructure.

Southern Pacific Resource Corp. (STP)


Global Raymac is currently involved in the construction of STP’s McKay project. To date the civil construction has been completed on 30km of roads, 2 pad sites, 2 camp sites and the central processing facility. We have provided all the staking, as-builts and volumes for construction. Volumes were provided on a weekly basis for overall estimation of project completion and analysis of progress and cost vs. budget. We anticipate laying out the position of over 6000 piles, cut-offs and positioning all prefab equipment on site.

Connacher Oil and Gas Limited (COLG)


Global Raymac Surveys Inc. (GRS) was involved from start to finish in the construction of COLG’s Algar facility. The civil component of the project included 10km of roads, 3 padsites, 2 campsites and the main plant site. GRS provided all construction staking, as-builts and volumes for the construction. The mechanical portion of the Algar project was the construction of all the facilities on the pads, plant and surface pipelines. GRS laid out over 8000 piles and marked elevation cut offs. Prefab equipment was placed on GRS’s marked positions. Tolerance for the construction surveying was 4mm.

GRS as-built the pipelines and facilities providing mappings for ground disturbance, safety, and future engineering users. As-builts were separated into two categories. In the first, pipelines were installed, buried and then located and added to the as-built. In the second, more stringent case, each weld and pipe segment were tied in and added to a GIS. This provided a comprehensive as-built and ability to locate specific pipe segments, welds etc. should there ever be problems with the pipeline.


This optical remote sensing technology utilizes instruments fitted to an aircraft or satellite to create an abundance of highly accurate elevation data, which Global Raymac in turn, uses to produce 3D elevation models or maps for an area requiring a survey. This technology allows us the ability to create these maps without having to deploy a field crew and is also unaffected by seasonal limitations. Our clients find it to be a cost effective tool, which drastically reduces survey time in extremely remote areas.

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