Energy Services

Global Raymac Surveys Energy Division employs Professional Land Surveyors and Engineers throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C. and Canada. With offices in Calgary, Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat & Lloydminster, Global Raymac Surveys provides surveying and mapping services to land, resource development, and environmental companies, with many of our support staff working remotely in Canada and the USA.


Energy Services Brochure

Energy Services Include:


  • Well Site Surveys
  • Pipeline & Transmission Right of Ways
  • Crown & Freehold Expertise
  • Underground Facility Location
  • Digital and Terrain Mapping
  • Facility Construction
  • GIS Data Acquisition
  • Route Location Surveys
  • Mineral Resource Development Surveys



Mapping Services

Global Raymac is heavily invested in the automation of its mapping processes. We maintain a spatial database of all our completed projects in conjunction with all publicly sourced data. The final products are robust, visually appealing, and generated in a timely and cost effective manner.

All map content and data is fully integrated allowing GRS to promptly produce various geo-referenced maps and survey plans related to exploration programs in new and existing areas. These mapping products are valuable for planning:


  • Wellsite Programs
  • Pipeline Projects
  • Oilsands Exploration
  • Custom Stakeholder Mapping
  • Geo-Referenced Maps




Drafting Services

We have an integrated multi-office drafting team able to distribute the workload as needed to quickly turn around survey plans. Our extensive history in legal surveying and will provide high quality disposition plans to protect the client’s interests with the governing regulator. We are well versed in current regulatory requirements and participate on committee advisory boards with AER, which promotes excellent working relationships with these governing bodies.

GIS & Web Mapping Services

GRS offers a wide range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data management services to support our clients’ internal processes and external needs.


  • GIS Consulting & Management
  • Geospatial Data Conversion and Processing
  • LiDAR Data Management and Optimization



Our web-based mapping utilizes industry standard cloud based services/hosting and software architecture. We can provide interactive web mapping solutions and applications that are accessible via web browser on any platform or device, as well as traditional desktop. The web mapping applications provide querying, filtering, markup editing, and printing as standard; with customized tools, modifications, and workflows being available upon request. Maps can be made secure for your organization, shared with third parties, or even made public as needed. Your data will be secure and private ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data when you need it.

Head Office

Global Raymac Surveys Inc.
Suite 312, 4000 4th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2W3