Construction Services


Construction Services Brochure

Construction Services Include:


  • Civil Infrastructure Projects
  • Topographic Site Surveys
  • Earthworks and Quantity Surveys
  • Machine Automation Services
  • Construction Surveys
  • 3D Laser Scanning



Machine Automation

Global Raymac Surveys is excited to announce the launch of our new service offering for our construction clients in support of the ever growing Machine Automation products being produced by the heaving equipment industry. Our extensive experience in traditional construction services combined with our technological expertise with various survey and machine systems gives us an exclusive industry advantage. Additionally our dedicated and growing team throughout our four Alberta offices will be able to cater to any of your diverse needs.

Members of our team include Professional Land Surveyors, Geomatics Technologists, and Civil Technicians with experience in both the construction field and with machine control systems. We also collaboratively approach working with the distributors of your equipment to ensure that your receive all the support and training required to maximize the productivity of your investment.

3D Laser Scanning


3D Laser Scanning is a highly accurate and incredibly fast, non-contact measurement system. GRS owns and deploys a scanner capable of gathering one million survey points per second!

This system allows us to capture extremely large amounts of highly detailed data very quickly in the field. The information is processed in the office using rigorous survey practice and can be delivered as “point cloud data” to the client, engineers, and stakeholders. This information can then be easily integrated with existing software packages and used as a powerful design aid. Additionally, we can use the point cloud to generate traditional deliverables such as site plans, volume calculations, and as-built drawings.

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