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  • Real Property Reports (RPRs) FAQ's Calgary and Alberta | Global Raymac Surveys

    Get a Real Property Real Property Report for Medicine Hat and Area Including ​​Redcliff, Dunmore, Desert Blume, Irvine, and Bow Island. Contact Information RPR Municipal Address (site to be surveyed) RPR Information Legal Land Description Have questions still? Visit our Real Property Report (RPR) FAQ's RPR FAQ's Certificate of Land Title Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Form received! We will contact you shortly. Submit Get an RPR with Global Raymac call our office at 1 (855) 283 - 5455, send an email to or request a quote online. ​ Get a quote

  • Renewable Energy Surveys | Global Raymac Surveys

    Renewables Contact Us Our team has grown and evolved with the industry and Global Raymac offers solutions for every phase of the project from planning to storage. Our team of survey, mapping, GIS specialists, and engineers provide our clients with expertise, quick turnarounds, and unparalleled data quality. The renewable energy industry in Western Canada is growing and Global Raymac offers surveying and mapping services to assist our clients in the development of river, wind, and solar farm projects. Services: Terrestrial and airborne LiDAR Aerial mapping and orthophoto Land title and land act legal surveys Land tenure review Tunnel and turbine alignments Engineering surveys Construction surveys UAV (drone) surveys High precision control surveys Powerline and substation Layout Bathymetric surveys Earthworks volumes for quantity payments GIS and asset management services Quality assurance / quality control surveys Telecommunications surveys As-built record surveys Contact Global Raymac for your next renewable energy project Contact Us

  • Dam & Water Management Surveys | Global Raymac Surveys

    Dams & Water Management Contact Us Global Raymac's construction team has worked on some of Canada’s biggest dam projects. From greenfield to completed and commissioned dams, Global Raymac has the capacity and experience to support all facets of the construction. Services: Bathymetric surveys 3D scanning of highways, bridges, and buildings Legal surveys Construction layout including grade stakes & slope staking Earthworks volumes Deformation monitoring Environmental survey support High precision survey control Engineering surveys Quality assurance/quality control survey support As constructed surveys for record drawings Topographic surveys and terrain designs Contact Global Raymac's construction team for expertise on your next dam project. Contact Us

  • Oil & Gas Surveys | Global Raymac Surveys

    Oil & Gas Contact Us G lobal Raymac has been providing land surveying services for oil and gas companies since 1978. We’re deeply engrained in the industry and know the complexities and challenges that are faced by our clients. We offer full-cycle services from initial explorations to reclamation and use our extensive industry knowledge gained over 40 years to find time and cost-saving solutions for your project. Our expertise is in wellsite programs, horizontal drilling programs, and oil sands exploration and development. Our team can assess individual project needs and deliver customized solutions for these services: Well site surveys Pipeline & transmission right of ways Crown & freehold expertise Underground facility location Digital and terrain mapping Facility construction GIS data acquisition Route location surveys Mineral resource development surveys GIS data acquisition Crown & freehold expertise Digital and terrain mapping With 40 years of experience, our oil and gas team has a solution for you. Contact Us

  • Geospatial Services | Global Raymac Surveys

    Geospatial Solutions Contact Us Global Raymac uses the latest in innovative technology including 3D scanning, mobile mapping, and UAV surveying. Through our advanced geospatial technologies, we can offer our clients better data, analysis, and visualizations. Our highly skilled team can create a customized solution tailored to your project’s unique requirements and can produce rich geospatial data sets, high-quality point clouds and imagery, models, and assets. ​ Global Raymac is proud of the technology toolbox that we’ve built. Our range of scanners, drones, data management and immersive visualization technologies is broad. But technology is just tools and we’ve learned that our clients care more about how we find innovative solutions to their problems than what tools are in our toolbox. 1/1 If you've got a problem we've got a solution. Contact Us

  • UAV LiDAR | Global Raymac Surveys

    UAV LiDAR Contact Us Global Raymac’s industry leading aerial LiDAR platform achieves accurate ground data through vegetation and will capture overhead lines such as power & distribution infrastructure. LiDAR is the standard for high-level data capture such as Federal and Provincial infrastructure projects, and Global Raymac has you covered. ​ Advantage use cases: ​ Topographic surveys through medium to dense vegetation Powerline & infrastructure survey Slope monitoring Riverbank erosion monitoring ​ Our heavy-lift UAV equipped with our compact LiDAR bundle delivers impressive data sets capturing LiDAR & Orthomosaic data simultaneously. Extreme surface coverage (Up to 250 pts/m2) Vegetation Penetration (25pts/m2) 3cm vertical accuracy <5cm Orthomosaic Maps Rapid data collection (10 m/s) Reduced costs compared to manned systems Contact our UAV LiDAR specialists. Contact Us

  • GIS | Global Raymac Surveys

    GIS Contact Us Global Raymac’s team of highly trained specialists provide leading-edge GIS solution and mapping services for projects of all sizes in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. We give our clients the power to visualize their data by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and displaying it in a customized way unique to the project needs. ​​ With experience in every industry, we can easily assess your individual requirements and develop an effective GIS mapping solution. Global Raymac’s GIS technology, tools, and capabilities allow us to help our clients plan and monitor their project throughout its lifecycle. We have created custom GIS solution and mapping services for these projects: Hydrography Transportation layers Wellsites, pipelines, and facilities Crown dispositions Orthophotos LiDAR hillshades Change/progress detection Well & pad optimized design Drainage analysis Data collection Spatial analysis Spatial optimization Cut/fill Drainage/hydrology Pile/pit volumes Public engagement Crowdsourcing Asset management Field data collector apps Field conditions assessments Wayfinding BIM building information modeling Project data management Integrated site plans Land use maps Global Raymac's Web Portal The central GIS group is at the forefront of digital transformation at Global Raymac. The use of Amazon Web Services for secure cloud computing, processing, database, and storage activities allows us to provide our clients with their own dedicated GIS web map or their own GIS web portal. This way you can access web maps, progress dashboards, 3D scenes, 360 viewing tools, and documents in a secure environment. Our automation workflows extend our systems by performing the synchronization of approved data of all kinds, ensuring data content is up to date and accessible for web delivery. Let us create a custom GIS solution for your project. Contact Us

  • Real Property Reports (RPRs) FAQ's Calgary and Alberta | Global Raymac Surveys

    Get a Real Property Report for Calgary and Area Including Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, Rocky View County, and MD of Foothills. Contact Information RPR Municipal Address (site to be surveyed) RPR Information Legal Land Description Have questions still? Visit our Real Property Report (RPR) FAQ's RPR FAQ's Certificate of Land Title Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Form received! We will contact you shortly! Submit Get an RPR with Global Raymac call our office at 1 (855) 283 - 5455, send an email to or request a quote online. ​ Get a quote

  • Transmission & Distribution Surveys | Global Raymac

    Transmission & Distribution Contact Us Global Raymac has been the trusted mapping and surveying partner for small and large transmission and distribution corridor projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Our team has successfully surveyed thousands of kilometers of transmission lines and other distribution projects in all types of terrain and can be experts on your next project. Services: Power line route (corridor) Mapping (Terrestrial/Aerial LiDAR and photo) Centreline surveys Regulatory surveys and permitting Crossing and profile drawings Alignment sheets and construction plans GIS and data/asset management services Construction and as-built surveys (ground-based and LiDAR) Cadastral surveys Hydrographic / bathymetric surveys Drone (UAV) data, photo, and video acquisition Right of entry surveys and expropriation support Terrain modeling and fly-through generation Quality control and assurance services Substation as-built surveys Our team has over 20 years of experience with transmission and distribution projects. Let us help you with your next project. Contact Us

  • Health, Safety & Environment | Global Raymac Surveys

    Health, Safety & the Environment ​ Creating a safe environment for our people has always been a top priority. Our approach to achieving this is to educate our employees through our industry-leading HS&E program and by requiring our staff, contractors, and subcontractors to be leaders in safety onsite to proactively manage risk and at-risk behaviors. All occupational injury, illness, and property damage is preventable through proactive management and we are striving towards a no-incident workplace. Our HS&E Certifications COR Certified – Since 2006 with 98%+ in all C.O.R. audits. ISN – Online Contractor Management Database (Member Vendor) Comply Works – Compliance Management Solutions PICS – Contractor Safety and Supplier Management PIR – Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program (Registered Member Since July 2007) IRP 16 – Industry Recommended Practice (Basic Safety Awareness Training) ​ If you require further information or clarification for any matters regarding Health, Safety, and Environment with Global Raymac, please contact: ​ Tim Woodland, Senior Manager of HSE Global Raymac has adopted innovative health, safety, and environment program in which we’ve continually maintained operational excellence.