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  • Real Property Reports (RPRs) FAQ's Calgary and Alberta | Global Raymac Surveys

    What is a real property report Calgary? A Real Property Report (called an RPR) is a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of all permanent structures on a property relative to the property line boundaries. It takes the form of a plan or diagram of the various physical features of the property, including a written statement detailing the surveyor’s opinions or concerns.It can be relied upon by the buyer, the seller, the lender, and the municipality as an accurate representation of the improvements on your property. A registered Alberta Land Surveyor is the only individual who can legally prepare a Real Property Report. How long is an RPR valid? A Real Property Report (RPR) is valid until there has been a change on the property or adjoining property or the local regulations or requirements change. Changes can include new or modified fences, decks, driveways, garages, or additions or a change in title. What does an RPR look like Alberta? Here is an example RPR: What is shown on an RPR is: - Legal description of property and municipal address. - Dimensions and directions of all property boundaries. - Designation of adjacent properties, roads, lanes, etc. - Location and description of all relevant improvements situated on the property together with dimensions and distances from property boundaries. - Other significant improvements. - Right-of-way or easements as noted on the title to the property at the date of the survey. - Location and dimension of any visible encroachments onto, or off of, the property. -A duly signed certification and opinion by an Alberta Land Surveyor. - Copyright and Permit Stamp (where applicable). How do I find my property lines in Calgary? Only an Alberta Land Surveying Company can locate your property lines. It is important to know where your property lines are and have them properly marked to ensure you're compliant with set-back requirements, fences and other structures are built on the correct land, and that theres no safety issues with utility right-of-ways. What does RPR stand for? RPR stands for a Real Property Report. A Real Property Report is a form of a plan or diagram that is a legal document that illustrates the location of all permanent structures on a property relative to the property line boundaries. What is title insurance in Alberta? Title insurance is a way of guaranteeing the security of a title on a piece of property. It is aimed at protecting both the buyers and lenders buying property against losses that may arise with respect to the property's title or ownership. This was introduced to Canada by several American insurance companies and is used widely in the United States. In Alberta, we use the Torrens System, in which security of title is already guaranteed by the Alberta Government through the Land Titles Assurance Fund. There is no need for American style title insurance in Alberta. Insurance companies have modified title insurance to apply to other parts of a real estate transaction. Essentially, the new title insurance offered is designed to insure a financial institution’s mortgage liability while at the same time removing the need for a Real Property Report and a municipal Bylaw Compliance Certificate. An additional policy is required to protect the landowner. Speeding up of the real estate transaction process seems very attractive; however, title insurance may cause more problems than it solves. When a Real Property Report is arranged early, and municipal compliance is determined, problems can usually be resolved and the real estate transaction can proceed. Is a real property report (RPR) required in Alberta? The Alberta Real Estate Association’s Standard Listing Contract requires a RPR and municipal compliance. The RPR and its predecessor have been an important component of the Real Estate transaction for more than 50 years; it is now a requirement of the Alberta Real Estate Association Listing Contract in all MLS sales. An RPR illustrates any boundary problems related to the property, determining whether homes, garages, and any other structures adhere to local Land Use By-laws. Due to the risk of potential legal complications that may occur if a property is sold without abiding by the Land Use By-laws, a RPR with municipal compliance acts as a form of assurance that protects buyers and sellers. Identifying any issues with the property prior to closing on your new home ensures you don’t inherit a costly problem, saving you aggravation and money when you wish to sell or further develop your property. If you are purchasing a home, new or used, insist that the seller supply you with a RPR with municipal compliance which reflects the current state of the property. This will ensure that what you are buying is situated in the correct location and that it adheres to the local Land Use By-laws. When will I need a new or updated Real Property Report (RPR)? You will need a new Real Property Report (RPR) for: - Any form of real estate transaction e.g. selling house, acquiring a mortgage, etc. - When adding to or renovating any part of your property with permanent structures. An RPR is valid as long as no significant changes or improvements have been made, however depending on when it was completed, it may have to be recertified to ensure that it is still legally acceptable. What is the process for Real Property Reports at Global Raymac? Step 1: The client decides to hire GRSI to complete the Real Property Report, fills out order form online or via phone (with office staff member) and receives quote (within 24 hours) for job order based on particular client requirements and specifications. Step 2: Once the client agrees to the terms and conditions, the office team creates the job file and sends it to the Project Manager who then acquires the related survey plans and reference file in order to prepare the job for field work. Step 3: The job goes to the field either as a regular order (current turnaround time is approximately 10 business days – weather permitted) or as a rush order (choice between 5 day rush at an additional $110 charge or 3 day rush at an additional $165). Step 4: The field crew arrives at the property, searches for governing evidence and takes measurements of all permanent structures on the premises. Step 5: Upon return from the field, job order is forwarded to the Project Manager to calculate measurements, establish property line boundaries, and send the field report to the CAD team. Step 6: CAD personnel complete final copy of the Real Property Report in approximately one day. Step 7 (Optional at Cost): The completed jobs are taken once a day to the City of Calgary or relevant Municipality in order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance. Although the time taken for the City of Calgary to grant compliance varies, in most cases it is approved on the same day. In some circumstances, particularly in surrounding towns and municipalities, it may take longer to obtain compliance. Step 8: On the day that the signed and stamped RPR returns from the City, the client is notified for payment and pick-up. Step 9: Follow up call with client to ensure satisfaction with all aspects of service. How long will it take to receive the final RPR? The current turnaround time for a Real Property Report is approximately 10 business days however it is dependent on permitting weather conditions, site accessibility, and current workload. Orders can be expedited as a three day rush ($165 additional charge) or five day rush ($110 additional charge) depending on your needs. These timeframes do not include the time taken to obtain a Certificate of Compliance; once the RPR is in the hands of the municipality, we are subject to their processing time. Fortunately, due to the strong relationship formed between Global Raymac and many Alberta Municipalities as well as our carefully tailored product, we are able to obtain compliance within one day in most cases, thereby saving you the time and stress of waiting in line at the Municipal office. Why get an RPR with Global Raymac? 1. We provide an efficient, reliable, and high quality service from start to finish. 2. We look after all of our clients with the finest quality of care and service – when you call us, you are guaranteed to reach a real live person every time, ready to help you with your survey needs. 3. We deliver a superior final product with detailed notes and colour diagrams presented in a format that is easy to read and understand which facilitates the process of obtaining compliance. 4. We offer one of the fastest turnaround times for Real Property Reports in Alberta allowing you to obtain a Certificate of Compliance as soon as possible, thereby helping to sell or purchase your property swiftly. 5. We have many positive reviews from previous clients and associates, and we are always striving go above and beyond your expectations to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our service and the final RPR. 6. We have an extensive background giving us the knowledge and expertise to provide insight and recommendations that will not only help you, but also save you money. 7. We use the latest, state of the art technology (including GPS, Mobile Data Collectors, and iPads in the field) to provide maximum precision and accuracy in every aspect of our service. 8. Our Municipal department is directed by Professional Alberta Land Surveyors and knowledgeable Geomatics personnel, meaning you can be assured that your RPR will be completed to the highest standards and in accordance with the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association Manual of Standard Practice. 9. We are professionally affiliated with the Alberta Land Surveyors Association and have received the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau for 15 years of Ethical Enterprise as a long-standing accredited business. 10. GRSI was also a regional finalist in the “2014 Canada’s Best Managed Companies Program.” 11. We actively seek feedback in an effort to continually improve our operations and better serve our clients. 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  • Real Property Reports (RPRs) FAQ's Calgary and Alberta | Global Raymac Surveys

    Get a Real Property Real Property Report for Medicine Hat and Area Including ​​Redcliff, Dunmore, Desert Blume, Irvine, and Bow Island. Contact Information RPR Municipal Address (site to be surveyed) RPR Information Legal Land Description Have questions still? Visit our Real Property Report (RPR) FAQ's RPR FAQ's Certificate of Land Title Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Form received! We will contact you shortly. Submit Get an RPR with Global Raymac call our office at 1 (855) 283 - 5455, send an email to or request a quote online. ​ Get a quote

  • Real Property Reports (RPRs) FAQ's Calgary and Alberta | Global Raymac Surveys

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