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Note: If you are unable to submit this application form, please send your resume and contact information to careers@globalraymac.ca


Are you legally entitled to work in Canada?

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense for which a pardon has not been granted?

Can you provide a valid driver abstract?


Have you thoroughly reviewed the job profile of the position that you are applying for?

Note: GRSI will require Field Survey employees to be able to meet the physical and environmental demands associated with the outdoor work environment as described in the job profile. Field Survey employees will be required to pass a Field Readiness Assessment as part of the orientation and training process.


Please describe secondary/post-secondary courses and training which have contributed to your work related knowledge and skills. Start with highest level achieved and specify any degrees, certificates or diplomas completed. Additional information can be provided by attaching CV or Resume.


Beginning with your most RECENT experience, describe your work history. You may wish to include relevant volunteer positions. In the area for Duties and Skills describe the major duties, skills, and safety tickets acquired/used as they relate to the position you are applying for. If any references have known you by a previous name, please provide the details necessary to identify yourself. Please attach a resume for additional information and list only your most recent employment below:


For employment references, may we contact your present/previous employer?

For employment references, may we contact your former employer(s)?

Reference checks will be conducted to assess your past work performance and will include attendance records and safety ratings. In addition to the references identified in the Work History section, you may wish to provide further references below or by attaching reference letters and/or a resume.

By signing this form, I consent to Global Raymac Surveys Inc. using the personal information provided in this application for purposes relating only to my hiring and/or assessment for the role described in my application. If hired, Global Raymac Surveys Inc. may also use this application for purposes relating to my continued employment. I understand that my personal information will be kept confidential and secure. I hereby authorize Global Raymac Surveys Inc. to generate internal, confidential reports and/or other written or verbal communication about me, for consideration only in association with my application for employment. I verify that all statements made in this application form, and those given during my employment interview(s) are true and correct. I hereby declare that the foregoing information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a false statement on this application or during the hiring/interview process may disqualify me from employment, or be cause for dismissal.

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