Alberta - Saskatchewan Boundary Survey courtesy of Alberta Land Surveyors' Association

Alberta – Saskatchewan Boundary Survey | Courtesy of Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association


The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association (ALSA), established in 1910, is a self-governing professional association legislated under the Land Surveyors Act.

The Association regulates the practice of land surveying for the protection of the public and administration of the profession.

For more information, please visit: ALSA Public Information

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One of the documents that we may require in order to be able to complete your survey is a current (dated within 60 days) Alberta Registries Land Title Certificate.

A Land Title identifies the current owner and shows all outstanding registered interests in the land, such as mortgages, caveats, easements and builders’ liens.

For more information, please visit: Service Alberta – Titles

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Part of the process of completing a survey involves coordination with the local Municipal Office to obtain the necessary permits, compliance, agreements, etc.

While most municipalities in Alberta operate with the same rules and regulations, certain specifications as well as prices for services will tend to vary.

For more information, please contact our office or your local Municipal Office.

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