Lloydminster and Area

Includes: Cold Lake, the Municipal District of Bonnyville, Lakeland County, and others.

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BILLING INFORMATION (If different from Property Owner)

Note: Real Property Reports must be paid in full prior to pick up or delivery - credit card information can be provided for payment over the phone - (780) 872-0655




Note: The standard completion time is approximately 10 business days depending on GRSI workload and weather conditions.

Is this property a duplex or does it have a shared garage?
(If Yes - access to the inside of the property will be required and must be arranged to complete the survey)

Would you like GRSI to obtain the Municipal Stamp of Compliance?
Note: Compliance fees vary for each Municipality - please inquire for details.
Municipality Fees + $55.00 + GST

Note: Some Municipality reviews may lengthen job completion time - please inquire for details.

GRSI will be provided with a copy of the Land Title Certificate by the requester/property owner
Note: The copy of the Land Title Certificate must be less than 60 days old

GRSI is required and authorized to purchase a copy of the Land Title Certificate on behalf of the requester/property owner
Note: A copy of purchased land title will be provided with completed RPR
Additional $20.00 + GST

Note: In order to complete your Real Property Report, GRSI will require a current copy of the Land Title Certificate. For more information on the Alberta Registries Land Title Certificate, visit our Resources page.

Approximate 3 business day turnaround time (weather permitting and not including time taken for Compliance)
Additional $165.00 + GST

Approximate 5 business day turnaround time (weather permitting and not including time taken for Compliance)
Additional $110.00 + GST

Regular turnaround time: approximately 10 business days (weather permitting and not including time taken for Compliance)


If requesting an update to a previous Global Raymac Surveys RPR, please provide the following information:


We will require access to the front and the back of the property. If there are locked gates or animals that may be outside, please specify as we will need to contact the property owner to make arrangements for safe access. We require easy access to the property, please ensure features such as paths/walkways, decks, retaining wall(s), and large planters are clear of snow during winter months. Please detail any additional requests.


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